Garbage Bins for Your Place of Worship

Preparing Your Park For Summer Sports Season

by Joy Turner

If your park hosts baseball, soccer or any other sport in the summer, you'll want to make sure you prepare the park grounds for this increase in people using your facilities. Here are a few ways you can keep visitors more comfortable and keep your park neat and tidy.

Dumpster Rental

With the opening of the concession stand comes extra waste, and you'll need a way to dispose of nacho containers, candy boxes, and other food-related trash. Talk to your trash removal company about renting an extra dumpster for the summer months, and place it next to your park's other dumpsters. You may also want to increase the frequency of your trash pickups to prevent garbage from piling up.

Extra Trash Bins

While your extra dumpster will help to contain the increased amount of trash your guests produce throughout the summer, it's not likely that they will walk all the way to your dumpster to throw away their garbage. Consider renting or purchasing extra trash cans, and place them strategically near dugouts, bleachers, and other places where park visitors might gather. It's also a good idea to assign your groundskeepers to trash pickup duty each day, so the trash bins can be emptied into your dumpster on a timely basis

Portable Toilets

Even if your park has public restrooms that are available throughout the summer months, you may want to consider adding portable toilets near your fields. This prevents long lines and messes in your existing bathrooms, and it provides added convenience for people visiting your park. You can opt for traditional portable toilets, or for something a bit more luxurious, consider restroom rental trailers, which often come with running water, real sinks, and other comfort features. Work with the rental company to lock the toilets down when the park isn't open to provide added safety for your facility at night.

Hand-Washing Stations

Maintaining good hygiene can be difficult when visiting a park, so consider this as you make your summer plans. You can add hand-washing stations to the area where your portable toilets are located, which gives visitors a handy way to clean up after using the restroom facilities. You may also want to add a hand-washing station near playgrounds to help prevent the spread of germs to your playground equipment. Post a sign near the stations to encourage parents to have their little ones wash up before and after playing on the equipment.

Use these ideas as you prepare for summer sporting season, and look for other ways to make your parks clean, neat, and enjoyable for everyone who visits. For more information about dumpster rental, visit a company such as Horizon Disposal Servies Inc.