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Demolition Is Hard Work: How to Streamline Waste Removal

by Joy Turner

One of the challenges of a construction project is that they can produce a large amount of waste. Storing and transporting the waste can be difficult, back-breaking work if you do not have the right equipment, services and construction dumpster rentals.

Have The Right Equipment

Make sure that you have a wheelbarrow. The debris that you dispose of can be heavy and a wheelbarrow will make it much easier to transport the waste to the dumpster. 

Break Everything Down

In order to maximize the amount of materials that can fit in the dumpster, you may wish to break the construction debris down as much as possible. This can create a lot more work, though, so it is important to determine whether the savings that result from not needing to purchase an additional construction dumpster are worth the extra work. Construction materials that are oddly shaped can be smashed in order to create smaller pieces that will fit in the dumpster. Nails can be removed so that materials that have been nailed together are then disassembled. 

Hire Services To Help

A service that may be beneficial to you is a junk removal service. With this service, the junk removal pros perform the work for you and haul it away. However, this can be an expensive option and is only recommended if you anticipate that the junk removal professionals will only have to make one trip. If they must continue returning to your property to remove debris, this can become expensive. Depending on how complex your construction project is, it may make more sense to hire construction dumpster rentals instead.

Properly Position The Dumpster

Consider locating a construction and demolition sorting company. This company will take the debris produced by the construction project and separate the trash from the recyclable materials. This will allow you to feel good knowing that you did not unnecessarily waste recyclable materials. 

The junk removal process will not be as difficult if you are careful about the placement of the dumpster. It must be placed in a location where it is easy to access. The dumpster must also be placed in a location where it will be secure so that there will be no dumpster divers entering your property. Finally, the dumpsters must be placed in a location where they will not disrupt the flow of your construction project. Also, be aware of obstacles, such as overhead wires, that might disrupt the use of the dumpster.

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