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Yard Debris Disposal: Top Tips

by Joy Turner

What are a homeowner's options for getting rid of pesky yard debris, such as leaves, twigs, and branches? Of course, the easiest way to dispose of this material is to simply leave it on the curb for city sanitation workers to pick up. In some instances, however, this is not practical, as municipalities often have limits on the amount of yard waste they will accept. Here are several good alternatives for dealing with this issue.


If you have a truck or can borrow or rent a truck, then one option it to simply haul the debris to a nearby landfill, provided that there is one in your area. Often landfills charge for each load that you haul, so try to make as few trips as possible to save money.

Some landfills may not accept yard debris or may have a weight limit on the amount of debris they will accept. Always call the landfill in advance to determine its policies.


Another alternative is burning your yard waste, if the local laws allow it. In some cases, a permit might be necessary, so make certain that you check with local authorities before starting any fire.

If no legal obstacles to burning your waste exist, then select a spot that is not near a neighbor's property and away from any overhanging limbs or utility lines. Keep the pile of debris small, and add more material only after the pile has burned down. Never burn on a windy day, and never leave the fire unattended. Have a water hose ready in case any problems occur.


An interesting choice for disposing of yard waste is to put it through a wood chipper. This will only work for certain types of debris, however, such as tree branches. Using a chipper is not a good way to get rid of smaller items, such as leaves and shrub branches, as this material could cause the machine to jam.

If you decide to use a chipper, make absolutely sure that you do not allow any foreign objects, such as rocks or pieces of metal, to get into the machine. Objects like these could easily damage the chipper or result in a rock or bit of metal being ejected from the machine and hitting a bystander.

If none of the choices appeal to you, then you can simply hire a professional to do the job. Just locate a hauling service near you and tell them what you need.